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Glances are the most important elements reflecting the mood of a person. Therefore, structures on the eye and around are deemed as one of the formations with the highest determinant function for the outer view and facial expression of a person. Eyelids are aesthetically and functionally significant. People who have eyelids with wrinkles, flabbiness, looseness and bags have a tired, exhausted, and weary face expression.

Eyelids change in time with the effect of gravity. These changes occur differently in upper and lower eyelids. Eyelid aesthetics called blepharoplasty involves the treatment of these changes occurring in upper and lower eyelids in time.

Main problems on the upper eyelid include the excessive skins, saggy appearance and transformation of fatty cells into hernias, all of which occur in time. Excessive skin on the upper eyelid creates visually-aged and tired appearance, resulting in functional problems. The burden created by this excessive and loose skin on the eyelid causes eyelids to be inclined to close continually. Patients experience sleepiness or problems of falling asleep in cases such as reading newspapers or watching television, where eyes are steady and fixed. Using their muscles on their foreheads, they lift their brows up as a reflex and aim to solve this issue. Thus, their forehead lines become more distinct. In addition to a distorted appearance, people’s quality of live decreases; the treatment of this condition is the eyelid aesthetic surgery.

The excessive skin that looks saggy is removed from the folding line of the eyelid; moreover, fat bags that turn into hernia are corrected. In certain cases, an intervention to the levator muscle that lifts our eyelids up is needed. With the removal of excessive skins and correction of fat bags, the burden of upper eyelid is eliminated.

The main problems on the lower eyelid include hernia in the fat bags supporting the eyeball and loosening-saggy appearance of the skin in time.

Different solutions can be employed for the issues in the surgeries for the lower eyelid. The main problem to be corrected here is the under-eye fat bags, and correction of excessive skins is the secondary priority. Under-eye bags reflect a curved appearance outwards; patients look like they have just woken up or they have bug-eyed appearance. To solve the issues in the under-eye bags, these bags are corrected and the membrane covering the frontal wall of these bags are stretched, eliminating the curvy appearance. Any excessive skins are removed and saggy appearance is eliminated. Incisions are made right under the lashed to remove these bags that turn into hernias and to leave no marks during the procedure. It is important to remove excessive skins as necessary as possible because excessive removal turns the lower eyelid outwards, preventing normal eyelid behaviors, and many relevant issues may emerge later.

The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The procedure lasts 30-60 minutes on average for the upper eyelid and 90-120 minutes for combination of upper and lower eyelids. Following the operation, the patient is discharged or hospitalized for a day at most. The stitches are removed after five-seven days. If you have a desk job, you can work after the third day, and if you have a more active-social job, you can work after five or seven days.

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