Botulinum Toxin

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Botulinum Toxin

The material that is used in the Botulinum Toxin application is a protein released by a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. This material decreases or removes the function of the muscle in the part that it is applied to temporarily by blocking the electrical transmission from nerves to muscles. When the muscle loses its function to strain, the wrinkles formed in the skin on it decrease or vanish. The skin gets the opportunity to recover itself during this time. However, it should be noted that botox is not a miracle. Very effective results can be obtained in a correctly selected group of patients.

Botox application is applied under the skin in the target area with very thin needles, there is a short-term redness after application and it recovers by itself. We apply botox especially to eye wrinkles (goose feet), frowning wrinkles, middle-forehead wrinkles, under-neck bands, brow-lift, sweating in armpits, and palms, and migraine treatment. It is not applied to pregnant women, women who breast-feed, and people who have muscle diseases. The effect of botox is temporary. After application, its effect is seen in 3-7 days, and it continues for 3-4 months. In repeated applications, the effect of botox lasts for up to 12 months. After botox, there is no obligation to repeat it if you do not like it. But most of the people who do it prefer to do it again after seeing the successful results. It is the most common process applied worldwide among the non-surgical aesthetical operations. The result obtained after the application is performed in the right hands is incomparably good and satisfactory.

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