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What is Breast Reduction?

Breast tissue is a secretory gland that is sensitive to hormonal stimulations and that have functions and sizes determined by hormonal stimulations. Today, millions of women are disturbed by the sizes of their breasts and search for the ways to downsize their breasts. Abnormal breast enlargement may occur during different periods in the lives of men and women, resulting in different problems. Abnormal breast enlargement is more common among women, and it significantly distorts women’s quality of life. Extreme enlargement of breast tissue is a significant condition that affects people’s health. Permanent breast enlargement will create different problems in women’s lives. Bigger-heavier characteristics of breasts distorts women’s physical appearance, causing deformations and hernia in neck and thoracic vertebra and associated pains. Moreover, as the normal body posture gets distorted in time, a condition called kyphosis occurs. Patients’ relevant complaints increase in advanced ages and during menopause period when bone loss rate increases. Additionally, rashes occur as the lower section of breasts that contacts with the abdominal skin sweat extremely, and fungal infections may also emerge. Bra straps leave deep marks on the shoulders and cause shoulders to become saggy, resulting in limitation of movement. Social issues such as the efforts to hide the size of breasts, problems in selecting clothes and inability to wear whatever desired may all cause psychological problems including depression.

Treatment of abnormal breast enlargement in every stage of life is breast reduction surgery. Many methods and modified versions of these methods have been used in time. These methods have been used in certain periods; their advantages and disadvantages have been assessed, and the ones with more advantages have been improved and reached the present day. Many methods developed thus far have been eliminated and only a certain number of techniques are used now. Certain procedures were conducted using the same methods a century ago; thus, one may think about the reasons why breast reduction operation has many methods. These methods have the same purpose but the results are different. This purpose is to reduce the size of a breast in a three-dimensional form while leaving acceptable amount of marks. While performing the three-dimensional procedure, the objective is to have the successful results achieved in the early periods extend to the mid or long term. The reduction surgery that leaves vertical scars is preferred among the reduction procedures which are called reverse T or vertical scar according to the post-operative marks for the suitable patients. However, for cases for which vertical scar reduction procedure is not suitable or technically impracticable, reverse T scar reduction procedure is preferred. The method to be used is determined by the size of breasts, scope of breast reduction and patients’ expectations.

breast reduction

Breast reduction procedures result in the highest rate of satisfaction among all aesthetic surgery patients because the idea of getting rid of a great burden as well as aesthetic corrections satisfy patients. In the post-operative period, patients can wear any clothes they desire; additionally, they do not experience rashes under their breasts anymore, and they do not have the pains related to the burden of breasts on their vertebra. Consequently, patients live a more active life, have an increased self-esteem and feel psychologically better. The objective of breast reduction operation is to achieve breast sizes of B or B+ cup that will suit patients’ bodies. The procedure is conducted under general anesthesia and lasts for three or four hours on average. Drains are used to ensure blood is not collected in breasts during the post-operative process. Patients are provided a special bra that shapes the breasts at the end of the operation. They are hospitalized for a day, and their drains are removed before discharge. Moreover, they can take shower in the third day after the operation; their dressing is renewed on the same day. Stitches are hidden and disappear in time, meaning there is no need to remove the stitches later. Patients need to use the bra for three-six weeks. They can return to their daily lives and non-heavy works after a week. After the second week, they can do light sports activities; following the sixth post-operative week, they can do heavy sports activities.

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