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What is Brow Lift ?

Brows are important aesthetic formations on face. They are located above eyes and deemed critical as brows and eyes directly reflect one’s mood. With advancing age, tissues get loose and brows become saggy owing to gravity. The differences in the forms of brows may reflect one as angry, serious, tired, unhappy, aged or non-confident. The brow lift procedure corrects the adverse expressions arising from the position of brows, making patients aesthetically look more dynamic, younger and confident. There are different alternatives used to bring brows to their ideal locations and sizes.

Brow Lift

Through Botox

This method is effective among certain patients. Positive results can be achieved among the patients who are aged between 20 and 30 and whose brows are not saggy. No necessity for anesthesia and resting, and possibility of outpatient treatment under office conditions are its advantages. Its disadvantage is that it needs to be repeated every four-six months.

Brow Lift

Through Threads

This method is performed under local anesthesia. A one-cm incision is made on the hairy skin and brows are fixed to the desired positions using late-dissolving or non-dissolving threads. Short periods of operation under local anesthesia is its advantage but the brows lifted through this method returns to their old positions, which is a disadvantage. I prefer combining this method with Botox to increase the period before the return among my patients for whom I prefer thread method.


Brow Lift

Endoscopic brow lift is generally conducted under general anesthesia. The incisions made on the hairy location on the forehead area free the tissues in this area, and the brows are fixed to an upper position. The duration of impact is longer and more permanent than other methods. A non-visible suture line emerges within the hairy skin. Patients can be generally discharged on the same day or one day later. Swelling or bruises may occur in the early periods. You can have more alive and impressive looks through the brow lift procedures, and you can look a lot younger.

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