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Cheekbone Aesthetics

The facial ridges such as cheek and cheekbone are significant parts of facial aesthetics. The facial forms of people that resemble to a triangle become rounder and looks like a rectangle as people age. The influence of a face can be measured through the appearance of cheek and cheekbones. Facial tissues are inclined to move downwards owing to gravity in time. The stronger the cheekbone and cheek are, the slower they move downwards. You can have more distinct and aesthetic facial lines through aesthetic and plastic surgery, and you can have a more dynamic and younger appearance.

Cheek and cheekbone have a great role in the aesthetic facial ratios and aesthetic appearance of people. While assessing the facial ratios, they should be certainly considered. Combination with other aesthetic operations is a must for achieving better results. For instance, no matter how successfully you can perform a rhinoplasty procedure on a patient whose cheek is small and inclined backwards, you will not have the successful results as your procedure will not be recognized. One of the main concepts of aesthetic surgery is the harmony between the procedures and with the entirety. Therefore, for such patients, the length of gonion and its forward inclination should be made ideal. Three methods can be used to enlarge the cheek and cheekbone.

Enlargement Through Filling

This method can be performed under office conditions using the available filling products. It is performed through injection to the locations to be enlarged by patients’ desires. Patients can continue their daily routines. Based on the characteristic of the filling, the procedure lasts for 12 and 24 months. This procedure may be used for a temporary test period for the people who abstain from permanent results, have doubts about the results, become concerned when thinking about the surgery, and have limited amount of time.

Enlargement Through Fat Injection

The fatty tissues removed through liposuction are processed and implemented on the area to be enlarged and shaped. This procedure can be considered if minor enlargement is preferred.

Enlargement Through Prosthesis

A permanent impact can be achieved through the prostheses positioned on the desired area. Medpor or silicon prostheses are used for that purpose. Through an intra-oral incision, a prosthesis at the desired dimensions and form can be positioned. Prostheses are occasionally fixed using small screws. Enlargement through prosthesis is performed under general anesthesia and lasts for an hour on average. As the incisions are made inside patients’ mouths, no visible marks are left. Patients can be discharged on the same day or hospitalized for a day at most. The stitches dissolve themselves, so there is no need to remove them later. Particular attention should be attributed to oral hygiene for the first three-five days, and patients should consume juicy and soft foods

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