Hair Mesotherapy

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Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is the delivery of the needed substance to the middle layer of the skin with a needle from the outside. This substance can be amino acid, vitamin, mineral, medicine. First of all, mesotherapy is not a miracle, magic touch. The first target with hair mesotherapy is to stop hair loss. Hair loss problem can be experienced in men and women due to different reasons. The factor in hair loss may be due to genetics, hormonal, nutritional, circulatory disorders. If there is no specific discomfort under hair loss, mesotherapy can be performed. With the hair mesotherapy process, it can directly approach the target and stop hair loss rates at a high rate. First of all, hair loss is slowed-stopped.

The second goal in mesotherapy procedures is to make the hair shiny and strong. The shine of the hair increases and becomes thicker. Over time, hair becomes lifeless due to nutritional disorders. In these cases, we apply the hair mesotherapy process. Thanks to the mesotherapy process, the hair can be provided with the necessary vitamins and the circulation areas can be corrected up to a certain level. As a result, the second goal is to thicken, brighten, and revitalize the hair.

  1. The third goal is the regrowth of the hair that has been damaged and lost by correcting the circulatory system and nutrition. However, achieving this target is realized at a low rate. As a result, it practically protects the existing, it cannot create from nothing.
  2. We recommend it to strengthen and support the transplanted hair follicles, especially in patients undergoing hair transplantation, and we get good results.

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