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Treatment With Your Own Blood

Hair loss is an important problem for both sexes. There is no situation that can be explained to a large extent under hair loss. One of the effective weapons that can be used in hair loss is. Is the abbreviation of the method called platelet (platelet) enriched plasma application. It is the process of separating a small amount of blood taken from a person into its components by undergoing a special process and giving back the obtained small amount of "platelet-enriched plasma" to the same person by injection.

Platelets, namely thrombocyte cells, are cells that contain growth factors that help blood clot and repair damaged vessels and other tissues in our body.

When there is any damage to our tissues, the repair process begins through platelets. In the application of treatment with your own blood , much more platelets and the growth factors in its content can be delivered to the target area than can be carried by the blood circulation.

  1. When the platelets, which are concentrated in the plasma with hair treatment with your own blood , are injected into the hair follicles, the growth factors within them stimulate the formation of new capillaries and the hair follicles rapidly develop themselves. provides renewal. It is very effective in strengthening weak hair follicles and protecting existing hair follicles rather than new hair formation.

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