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BBL with Implant

Every woman wants to have shapely buttocks. The hip area is one of the most important parts of the female body, which should look smooth and attractive. People who complain of small buttocks can be augmented by placing a prosthesis directly on the buttocks, if there is not enough fat tissue in their body to inject the buttocks or if the patient does not want to undergo fat injection surgery. The main reason is the underdevelopment of the muscle structures that make up the buttocks. When the muscles in this area are underdeveloped, person's buttocks become flat and there is no bulge in the back.kalça popo protezi

The prosthesis is usually placed in the buttock area within or behind the muscles in this area. The prostheses used in this surgery do not differ from breast implants in terms of functionality. The difference is that these implants have a firmer texture than breast implants. Since these prostheses have a solid texture, there is no risk of explosion. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. After the operation, which is performed by entering the natural line between the two parts of the buttocks, no scars appear from the outside Plastic surgery of the hip is performed under general anesthesia and lasts 3 hours. You can return to work after 5 days.

The risk of infection in the surgical incisions is higher because of the location. Hygiene becomes very important after a buttock lift operation. In addition, strong antibiotics are tried to prevent infection. As with all prosthetic applications, the prosthesis is held in place against the body tissue by a capsule in the buttock prosthesis. This capsule can sometimes contract, causing the patient pain when sitting.

We recommend that you do not lie on your back for the first week after surgery. Patients can return to social life within the first week after surgery. After the sixth week, they can begin physical exercise and sports.

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