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What is Nose Aesthetics?

Aesthetic applications to eliminate deformities caused by different reasons in the nose structure rhinoplastyit is called. These operations are performed in order to gain a new appearance without disturbing the nose function and aim to have a new nose shape in line with the expectations of the person.

They are safe aesthetic applications for reshaping bone and cartilage tissue and giving it a new appearance.

How is Nose Aesthetics Performed?

Rhinoplasty is an operation performed under general anesthesia with techniques that are generally decided according to the patient's condition. If the problem can be solved by making small touches, local anesthesia may be preferred.

The operation lasts an average of 2 hours and the observation times vary according to the patient's condition. Techniques are determined by specialist physicians according to the general condition of the patient and the operation is performed with the method suitable for the patient.

To Whom Is Nose Aesthetics Applied?

Rhinoplasty operations, which are decided as a result of the evaluations and examinations of specialist physicians and applied according to the suitability of the patient, are generally completed safely. The operation can be applied by experienced physicians to anyone who has completed bone development and does not have any discomfort.

It is not correct to apply only in some cases. These conditions generally apply to people with bleeding problems, people with psychiatric disorders, and people with sleep apnea. The age of 15 is set as the lower limit.

Is Inner Nasal Tampon Applied in Rhinoplasty?

It is important to follow the recommendations of the specialist physician after the operation. At the end of the operation, a tampon is usually placed inside the nose. The placed tampons are removed after a day or two by looking at the general condition.

In the operation, a mold is placed on the back of the nose and this mold is removed after 1 week and the patient returns to his daily life quickly and the healing process is completed in a week.

When is the Rhinoplasty Patient Discharged?

The recovery period of patients after rhinoplasty operations generally varies depending on their condition. He gets up 4 hours after the operation and can start eating if there is no nausea and vomiting after 6 hours. If there is no complication development as a result of the observation, the patient can be discharged one day after the operation.

Does Rhinoplasty Patient Have Much Pain? Will There Be Bruising or Swelling?

In general, it is considered normal to have pain, swelling and bruising in patients. Although the pain does not occur during the operation, painkillers are prescribed by specialist physicians in case it occurs afterwards.

While the formation of bruising and swelling is considered normal, this condition of the person spontaneously disappears within a week and 10 days. During this time, she can come to the level that she will be covered by make-up and return to business life in a short time.

Nose Aesthetics Techniques

Rhinoplasty operations are performed with 2 different techniques. It is a technique performed with an incision made into the nostrils by applying the open technique in people with advanced deformities and who have had previous operations. The viewpoint of the specialist physician is quite wide. In this technique, the wide viewing angle is advantageous, and the recovery time is longer compared to the closed technique.

In the operation performed with the closed technique, the incisions remain inside the nostrils. The recovery time is shorter and there is no incision scar, and the appearance is smoother depending on the surgeon's experience.

What are the Advantages of Nose Aesthetics?

Rhinoplasty applications, which are the most preferred among aesthetic operations and can be performed using different techniques, generally have benefits such as making breathing easier in people as well as obtaining a beautiful appearance.

After the operation aimed at correcting the nose shape, the person obtains the desired nose appearance. The person's self-confidence increases after the operation. Regaining the lost self-confidence opens the door to success in social life.

Things to Consider After Nose Aesthetics

After the operation, the patient should lie in an upright position using double pillows against the risk of bleeding and obstruction. Forceful movements such as blowing should be avoided for 2 weeks.

The first 4 hours are important and there should be no water consumption during this period after rhinoplasty . It is not recommended to go out in the sun without protection, and if it is necessary to go out, sunscreen should be used.

Before Nose Aesthetics

All details should be shared with the specialist physician before the operation, and the drugs used, if any, should be discontinued 2 weeks before the rhinoplasty . To accelerate the healing process, smoking and alcohol use should be stopped.

After Nose Aesthetics

Since the person undergoing the operation may experience symptoms such as dizziness in the first hours, a companion must be present during the observation.

Juicy foods such as soup and ayran should be consumed. Effortless sports and movements should be avoided after plastic surgery. It is important to take the stitches and go to the specialist one week later for control, in order to complete the process in a healthy way.

Nose Aesthetics Prices 2021

The costs vary according to the individual in each aesthetic application. For rhinoplasty prices, it is important to get the price information after being examined first.

Subjects such as the procedures to be performed on the nose, what kind of operation should be performed, the experience of the specialist physician, the center where the operation will be performed cause the costs of rhinoplasty operations to be variable. It is important to be examined by making an appointment in advance to have information about the process and to determine the costs.

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