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Prominent Ear Aesthetics

The most common form of ear aesthetic procedure is performed to downsize ears or correct protruding ears. The condition where ears stick out more than the normal figures from the sides of head is called protruding ears. The main cause of protruding ears is the insufficient development or straight structure of the Y-curve on the auricle.

People may sometimes mistake protruding ear for over-sized ears. However, the real cause is related to certain ear parts that should be curvy are straight, and the deep structure of the ear pit behind the ear concha. Therefore, a greater angle between the protruding ear and head emerges, and this ear is visible more from forward. Ear aesthetics is used to correct this condition. During the ear aesthetics procedures, the cartilage is rasped using a pathway from the back of ears, and a backward-twisted form is ensured using special stitches.

Ear growth mostly (80%) finishes until the age of five or six. Ideally, children should undergo the ear aesthetic surgery before starting to go to school. Such an operation at younger ages prevents any potential adverse impacts on children’s psychology. However, ear aesthetic operation at these ages should be conducted under general anesthesia. Ear aesthetic operation can also be performed at older ages. During these older ages, the surgery can be conducted under local anesthesia. Protruding ear operation can be performed at any ages after the age of five years.

Different techniques regarding autoplasty or ear aesthetics have been proposed thus far. Each surgeon uses different methods. For instance, incisions are made on the frontal sides in certain methods and a minor mark is left. However, to my opinion, performing the surgery on the rear of ear is better to cover the marks.

A Y-shaped twist is formed through surgery on the earlap, and the ear is fixed to the skull in a manner to make the angle between the ear and head normal. At the end of the ear aesthetic procedure, compressive dressing is performed on both ears. After three or five days, the patient is called for dressing. A certain amount of pain can be felt in the first day after the operation. For that purpose, painkilling medications are used. After opening the dressings, patients are suggested to wear tennis band or head band used by women in a manner to cover their ears for two or three weeks. This band should be neither loose or tight.

For five-seven days after the operation, mild swelling and bruises may occur but these will disappear in time. Autoplasty operations yield successful results as they leave no marks, are performed under local anesthesia and provide recovery in short period of time.

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