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What is Scar Revision?

Scar revision is the process of making a scar on the body a more acceptable one. Currently, it is not possible to completely erase or remove a scar that is on the body. However, the size of the scar can be minimized, its shape can be changed or it can be concealed. That is why the patient’s expectation who considers this surgery is very important. If the patient expects the scar to completely disappear, I tell him/her that the surgery will not meet their expectation and suggest him/her to give up. Different techniques can be applied depending on the area, shape, age, and features of the scar. Scars in some areas return to their former state after 6 months even if you operate on them. It is more accurate to consider alternative treatment methods than to have surgery for a small recovery. The relapse rate after surgery is high in the scar type called a keloid. After surgery, relapses can develop at an average rate of 90%, although they change regionally. Even though this rate is reduced by the treatments applied after the surgery, this patient group should have a serious thought before surgery. I believe that it is pointless to perform a surgery whose result cannot be seen clearly.

After the scar revision surgery, between 3-6 months, there is a redness in the surgery area which decreases in time. At the end of this period, the scar turns into the skin color. Silicone gel, silicone layer, printed dress or creams can be used 10 days after the surgery. Especially during the first 6 months, it is necessary to be protected from the sun.

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