Treatment With Your Own Blood

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Treatment With Your Own Blood 

Treatment With Your Own Blood is an abbreviation of ”Platelet-rich plasma”, plasma application enriched with platelet (thrombocyte). It is a process of decomposing a small amount of blood taken from a person by special methods and giving the small amount of ”plasma enriched with platelet” to the same person again by injection.

Platelets, that is, thrombocyte cells, are the cells that contain growth factors that make our blood clotting and repair the damaged veins and other tissues in our bodies. When there is damage in our tissues, the repair process begins through platelets. In PRP treatment, many more platelets, and the growth factor in them, can be brought to the target area than could be brought by the bloodstream.

Aging of our skin is caused by the loss of some physical features, just as in the cases of injury. So in the applications for skin rejuvenation, we repeat the things our body does when healing a wound. For example, with methods such as laser, roller, peeling, we damage our skin at micro levels to trigger the healing process. As a result of this damage, growth factors are released, and the healing process begins. Dermo-cosmetic products similarly start the healing process through materials that restructure our skin and the growth factors obtained synthetically.

When concentrated platelets that exist in plasma are injected under the skin, the growth factors in them stimulates the production of collagen and formation of new capillary vessels, and make skin renew itself speedily. As a result, renewal, rejuvenation, revival on the skin is accomplished.

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