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Bishectomy - Buccal Fat Removal

Certain ratios are important for a beautiful and aesthetic facial appearance. The combined and proportional appearance of fleshy and pitted locations on the face makes us look more pleasant. The modern perceptions of beauty and aesthetics consider edged faces with a reverse triangle appearance more beautiful and attractive. Fleshy cheeks look pretty during infancy and childhood periods, but they do not look as pretty following the adolescence. The round and fleshy lines are replaced with edged lines with distinct points in this period.

Buccal fat removal is performed for approximately thirty minutes under local or sedation anesthesia. Following the procedure, the patient can be discharged on the same day. A minor intra-oral incision is made without forming any marks on the external wall of the cheek. Following the surgical procedure, cheekbones become visible, and a proportional and triangular face is formed. The final form of the procedure emerges in one-three months based on the recovery of the patient. This procedure yields permanent results as the fatty tissues removed through the buccal fat removal operation do not emerge once again.


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