Botilinum Toxin

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Botilinum Toxin

Filling is one of the most satisfying medical methods used for getting rid of wrinkles and lines that come out over time, shaping some parts of the face or bringing back its former look. These can be permanent or temporary. The most common of the fillings that are applied permanently is a person’s fat. Other materials than fat that are used permanently, are no longer used in our day. Even though the results of fat injection are successful, it is not suitable for everyone as it is performed under operating room conditions and has a healing period even if it is a short one. To eliminate this problem, single-use preparates are produced. These preparates can contain many products. However, the most common and reliable ones all over the world today are those with hyaluronic acid content. Hyaluronic acid is a material that people have in a high amount, especially in infancy, and decreases over time. With the Hyaluronic acid filling application, in some way, we put the missing in its place. These products are obtained by bacterial fermentation. So, they are not of animal origins such as cattle and pig. The applications last 5-10 min. and the person continues to his/her daily life right after. Hyaluronic acid has types that can last from 6 to 18 months depending on the form and area of application. During this time, they disappear from the body enzymatically.
Dermal fillers can be applied to any areas considered necessary for a younger, more lively, and charming face. 

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